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Improving Client Communication: UB Sails Sets Sail with Sail Boat Digital Signage Solution

Learn how UB Sails, a sail manufacturing company, implemented Castit Sail Boat Digital Signage to enhance client communication and engagement in their offices.

Client Profile: UB Sails, Revolutionizing Sailboat Manufacturing

UB Sails is a leading sail manufacturing company with headquarters in Poland and a regional office in Holland. Known for their craftsmanship and creative designs, the client is highly regarded in the sail manufacturing industry. They serve diverse clients worldwide, meeting the needs of both professional sailors and sailing enthusiasts.


sail boat digital signage 


Despite their global success, the client faced a challenge in effectively showcasing their company information to clients visiting their offices. With a desire to provide visitors with relevant updates such as weather forecasts and RSS feeds, our client recognized the need for a dynamic digital signage solution. Having never utilized digital signage before, they embarked on a search for a user-friendly system that could seamlessly integrate into their office environment.


Solution Implemented

Enter Sail Boat Digital Signage, the perfect solution for client' communication needs. Discovered through a web search, our client was immediately drawn to the sleek and intuitive interface of the system. Impressed by its capabilities, one member of the client's team likened the experience to a "smooth sail," referencing the effortless transition to the new technology.

Currently, our client has deployed one paid screen, with plans to expand to two or three additional screens shortly. This strategic expansion will enable UB Sails to further enhance its client experience by providing timely and informative updates directly within its office space.


castit sail boat digital signage


Impact and Benefits

Since implementing Sail Boat Digital Signage, the client has experienced a notable improvement in client engagement and satisfaction. Now, when visitors step into their offices, they are greeted with a piece of information immediately and readily available, including the latest company updates, weather forecasts, and relevant RSS feeds. This innovative communication platform not only enhances our client's reputation but also underscores their dedication to exceptional customer service and forward-thinking solutions.


Looking Ahead

UB Sails is poised for continued growth and expansion. The integration of Sail Boat Digital Signage will be instrumental in streamlining communication with clients and stakeholders. With plans to incorporate additional screens in the near future, our client remains steadfast in its commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology to elevate the client experience and solidify its position as an industry leader in sailboat manufacturing.

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