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Turn any screen into your own, professional digital signage with Castit digital signage software! Castit is the most user-friendly, fast and interactive way of broadcasting content to all your screens. Start with your first free digital signage screen (no credit card required).
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Optitien SAAS

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digital signage physiotherapy company

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Fysio van Ginkel, a dynamic physiotherapy company dedicated to enhancing the well-being of their clients. The client approached us seeking a reliable digital signage solution to streamline their communication efforts and engage their clients effectively.

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digital signage for construction companies app preview

Discover how Castit Digital Signage Software helped Boeve Afbouw, a leading construction company in the Netherlands, transform their communication efforts with innovative digital signage solutions.

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digital signage for marketing agency

Explore how Creative Media Network utilized digital signage to revolutionize their office environment and effectively communicate their brand's message to visitors.

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