HoraPark entrance with Castit Digital Signage Solution

Horapark's Digital Transformation with Castit: Enhancing Communication and Efficiency

Read the case study to learn how Horapark utilized Castit's Enterprise model to improve communication, streamline operations, and provide a seamless customer experience.


Discover how Horapark, a unique work and relaxation space located on the edge of a forest, transformed its operations with the help of Castit's Enterprise model. By implementing a custom digital signage solution, Horapark revolutionized its communication and streamlined its processes, providing an exceptional experience for its visitors. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Horapark and Castit Digital Signage Software, showcasing the benefits of their partnership and the positive impact on Horapark's business.

Client Background

Horapark Ede is a one-of-a-kind location that offers both work and relaxation opportunities in a serene natural environment. Nestled on the edge of a forest, Horapark provides individuals with a peaceful retreat away from the city's hustle and bustle. The facility offers various amenities, including co-working areas with curved screens and a game room where colleagues can engage in friendly competition.

Castit CMS running for HoraPark

The Challenge

Horapark faced the challenge of efficiently communicating important information to its visitors across its two buildings. They needed a solution that could deliver real-time updates, provide wayfinding assistance, and engage guests with captivating content. Additionally, Horapark desired a centralized platform to manage and control digital content across multiple screens without hassle.

The Solution

With Castit's Enterprise model, Horapark found the ideal digital signage solution to address their communication and engagement needs. Six screens strategically placed throughout the premises, including entrances, the kitchen, reception, and the restaurant, were powered by Castit's robust software.

Horapark leveraged various Castit features to enhance their visitor experience. The Tickertape displayed important announcements and news, keeping guests informed and up-to-date. The Clock feature ensured that visitors never missed an important appointment or event. Wayfinding functionality guided guests through the facility effortlessly. Lastly, the integration of YouTube enabled Horapark to captivate their audience with engaging videos.

HoraPark using Castit Digital Signage Software

The Custom CMS Solution

In addition to the digital signage implementation, Horapark collaborated with Castit to develop a custom Content Management System (CMS). This innovative solution, known as the "nameboard," empowered Horapark to update and manage content seamlessly across both the Castit screens and digital reception, eliminating the need for manual content adjustments.

Benefits and Results

By embracing Castit's digital signage solution, Horapark achieved remarkable outcomes. The custom digital displays transformed communication within the facility, effectively conveying information, schedules, and announcements to visitors. The integration of wayfinding features reduced confusion and improved navigation throughout the premises.

The centralized CMS solution streamlined content management, enabling Horapark to make updates swiftly and effortlessly. This convenience significantly improved operational efficiency and saved valuable time for the staff.

Overall, Horapark's partnership with Castit resulted in an enhanced visitor experience, increased engagement, and improved internal processes. Through the seamless integration of Castit's Enterprise model and the custom CMS solution, Horapark successfully transformed its communication strategy and established itself as a premier destination for work and relaxation.


The collaboration between Horapark and Castit demonstrates the power of a tailored digital signage solution in delivering exceptional customer experiences. By leveraging Castit's Enterprise model and the innovative custom CMS solution, Horapark effectively communicated with its visitors, improved navigation, and optimized operational efficiency. With a serene natural environment and cutting-edge technology, Horapark continues to provide a unique and rewarding experience for individuals seeking a harmonious blend of work and relaxation.

Visit Horapark's website (https://www.horapark-ede.hospitalityportal.nl/) to explore their exceptional facilities and experience the transformational impact of Castit's digital signage solution.

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