Castit at Luxor theater entrance

Castit's Custom Digital Solution for Luxor Theater

Discover how Castit's custom digital solution revolutionized the guest experience at Luxor Theater, delivering seamless interactions, streamlined processes, and enhanced convenience.


Luxor Theater, a prominent theater in Rotterdam known for hosting renowned artists and featuring the popular restaurant "Café Dox," sought to enhance its customer experience. They approached Castit, a leading digital signage software provider, to create a custom digital reception kiosk for their restaurant. The objective was to replace the traditional staff member at the entrance with a digital solution capable of delivering multiple functionalities.


The Castit team encountered two main challenges in the development process. Firstly, they needed to design a user-friendly interface that could accommodate a diverse audience, including individuals of varying ages and technological familiarity. Secondly, they had to seamlessly integrate the kiosk with Luxor Theater's existing systems, enabling it to display ticket information, notify restaurant staff about appointments, and facilitate newsletter subscriptions.


To overcome these challenges, Castit devised a custom digital solution—a reception kiosk with a simple and intuitive interface. The kiosk incorporated four key functions: ticket information, appointments, food and drink, and newsletter subscription. The interface supported both English and Dutch languages, catering to the restaurant's diverse clientele. Castit seamlessly integrated the kiosk with Luxor Theater's systems, ensuring a seamless guest experience. When a guest had an appointment, they could enter the person's name they were meeting, and the system would notify them via a phone call. The kiosk also displayed information about upcoming events and performances by connecting to the ticketing system. Additionally, guests could browse the menu and place food and drink orders directly through the kiosk, eliminating the need for a waiter.

Castit Digital Solution for Luxor


The digital reception kiosk developed by Castit has proven to be a resounding success for Café Dox. Guests have embraced its convenience and user-friendly nature, resulting in reduced wait times and an optimized guest experience. With the kiosk handling various tasks, staff members can now focus on providing enhanced service. Furthermore, the newsletter subscription feature has empowered Luxor Theater to expand its reach and effectively communicate with guests.

Castit digital signage software at Luxor


Castit's custom digital solution has ushered Luxor Theater into a modern era of welcoming guests to Café Dox. The digital reception kiosk has significantly improved the overall guest experience by streamlining processes, reducing wait times, and providing relevant information. This project highlights Castit's expertise in designing and developing tailored digital solutions to address the unique challenges faced by businesses.

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